Meet Sonja

What I do

Provide mentoring to virtual assistants wanting to grow their business

Provide templates

Provide job opportunities to South African virtual assistants wanting to work with overseas clients

Provide full training in how to get your business running in the shortest period of time


Who I am

I began working as a virtual assistant in 2012. Back then, there was not much support for me venturing into the “unknown.” It was scary, challenging and I made my share of mistakes. I believe that my approach to running a virtual assistant business is unique as I’ve always been more interested in running a business than in doing clerical work.

I am passionate about helping fellow South Africans to get their virtual assistant businesses off the ground and to strengthen the virtual assistant industry in South Africa. My ultimate goal is that when a potential client hears that you’re from South Africa, they will be keen to use your services as our reputation as professional and reliable virtual assistants will be established.