You want to have your clients love you so that they will keep working with you and you can continue to grow your business, but how do you do that? We all know it’s easier to sell to an existing client than to go out and get a new one, so it’s essential that you give your clients the best possible experience with you so that they will keep coming back for more.

It’s quite simple, really. There are a few common characteristics good virtual assistants share.


Your job is to make life easier for your clients. When clients give you work, you must work independently and get the work done without any reminders or hand-holding. In fact, clients love you if you try to give more than asked for every time. Your clients should know that once they’ve given you a task, they can stop worrying about it and know that it will be done correctly on time. This frees them to concentrate on their work on their business.


You can position yourself as a valuable virtual assistant by establishing yourself as the go-to person for information. You don’t need to know everything about your client’s business, but you need to have a system in place that allows you to find out what you need. NEVER ask your client a question you can Google the answer to. As a virtual assistant, you’re going to do a lot of things you’ve never done before and it’s your task to find out how to do them. You were contracted to provide solutions and solve problems for your clients. Do it.

Think of ideas to make the company you’re working with better. The bonus is that if you come up with a strategy to improve the company, often a client will put you in charge of the new project, giving you more work and increasing your value for the client.


Mistakes happen because we’re human. However, many mistakes can be avoided by double and even triple checking your work. You need to avoid unnecessary mistakes. If your client needs to check your work, you’re not providing them the service you should. In fact, you’re wasting their time.


Set clear expectations of what your clients can expect when working with you and see to it that you meet those expectations.

It’s also important to build rapport with your clients. Be confident of your abilities and always treat your clients with friendliness and respect whether they deserve it or not. Every client is different, so you will need to adapt to their personalities and the way they work.

Don’t assume that all your clients have a certain level of knowledge. I’ve worked with technically challenged but wonderful clients that just needed a little training in basics like how to use Dropbox or a project management system.

Unfortunately sometimes things might not work out with a client and it will become necessary for you to fire them. You must learn to do this tactfully and in a way that will still get you referrals even if things did not work out as planned.


It’s easy to become distracted. You need to have a strong focus on your client’s goals and keep on moving towards them.

In addition, you need to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. Even if your client may forget about something, you cannot do that. What has worked best for me is using a task management system to follow through and follow up.

You must be able to work well under pressure. Each client should feel that they are your only client, no matter how heavy your workload is. Your task is to take the workload of your client and help them feel more relaxed.

There are other characteristics which I’ve not mentioned that are also important, like excellent communication skills and stellar integrity. However, the most important way to make your clients love you is to help grow their business. If you care about your client’s company as if it were your own and increase their income, you will position yourself as a priceless member of their team.

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